Monday, February 15

Book Review: The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons

Okay. I told you about The Bronze Horseman. I told you about Tatiana and Alexander. Now I will tell you about the third and final book in the trilogy, The Summer Garden.

I read one review about this book that said something like, "this book goes on too long and should really only be read by hard core fans of the series that absolutely must know what happened to their favorite star-crossed lovers." And while I enjoyed the book, I agree with whoever it was that said that. I loved the characters, and that's what kept me reading. The story, however, just went on like a Russian winter. Touching all of the major crossroads that most married couples come to, and many that they don't, I feel that there were several places the book could've ended logically. Instead, we're led to a cheesy portrait of two old people sitting on a bench together, one eating icecream, just like when the story first began over 1500 pages ago. That felt contrived and silly. It did delve more into the past of our heroine, which I liked and felt like was some of the best part of the story of all three books.

But hear me when I say that I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I was sad when I finished. I miss Tatiana and Alexander... and if anything else, this portrait of Tatiana as Superwoman, Superwife and Supermom, while unrealistic, helps me strive to be better at all of the jobs I do.

Because they were in the US in this book, it can't qualify as a book about foreign culture. So this will only count to increase my total number of books read for the Mixologoy 2010 Challenge. Three down, twelve to go. (Can't believe I've already read so much so early in the new year...)

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I'm lovin' this book review part of you!

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