Monday, April 26

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Swestie and family had so much fun on Spring Break this year! I hope you enjoy our video. To watch it, don't press the play button here... click on the photo and it will take you directly to You Tube to view the video... (Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make it work the right way!)

Saturday, April 24

Caterer of choice?

The sign on that green food cart says "We Cater..." I just wonder what and where...

Thursday, April 15

My Kind of Art

Yesterday, walking through the lobby of an office building, I saw an art show being hung, and I had to stop and take these three pictures...

This is not my artwork, and I take no credit for the creation of any of these pieces.

I do however, love them! The top two are just beautiful to me... large... colorful... graphic... accidental... I would buy either/both of them with any expendable income I had... if I had it...

And the third one, is curious. I looked at this classically posed woman with a modern haircut and earrings... then I noticed the title, "Self-Portrait as Bacchus." Then I knew that I loved it. I might have to create a "Self Portrait as Bacchus" one day myself!

Tuesday, April 13

I would really LOVE to have an iPad... click on the side of the video to see the whole format...

Tuesday, April 6

Have a Good Time - Easter Parade in Richmond, Virginia

Spring has sprung! Happy Easter! (To see the full version of the video, click on the photo - NOT the play button!)

Thursday, April 1

Sometimes, Swestie Doesn't Even Bother With Makeup

Sometimes, Swestie doesn't even bother with makeup.
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