Thursday, May 27

Coffee Zombie

Swestie wonders how ANYONE can wait until they get to the coffee shop before they have their first cup of the day...

Wednesday, May 26

I can do anything, yeah, yeah, yeah...

This is not my child, but I would claim her if I could! Just a randon Facebook find!

Thursday, May 20

Swestie's Office Rule #1

A girl should always keep an extra vase at her desk for "those special occasions."

Tuesday, May 18

Where My Kids At: The Swagger Wagon

Too funny... they're making the Toyota minivan be as cool as I wish the V Dub minivan were... remember, click on the actual video to see the full version... I haven't actually seen it on TV, but I'm tagging it in that category... Thanks to Porkchop for the vid!

Monday, May 17

This is a drawing my seven year-old daughter did in English at school. She had to draw a picture of a word that is a noun. She drew apartments.

Here is what she wrote:
"I decided to do apartments for my noun picture, because I think they're so cool and a little tall. The people that live there means more friends."

I felt exactly the same way about apartments when I was a little girl!

What I love about this drawing:
  • I love how each apartment is a little different.
  • I love that there is a clothes line! Where has she ever even seen that? Notice there are not clothes on it, so maybe she doesn't know what it is really for.
  • My kitty-lover had to include at least one happy kitten.
  • No "gron-ups" allowed!

Thursday, May 13

THX! THX! THX! I love you!

ThxThxThx: A Thank You Note A Day is a super-cute blog about being grateful for the little things in life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Tuesday, May 11


You know Swestie has been busy at work when her weblog looks more like a spiderweblog!

Friday, May 7

Nick Drake+Christo=AT&T

What I love:
-The music: Nick Drake... also of VW Cabrio spot fame

-The way the fabric just rolls and rolls and the light reflects on it

-The clever take on coverage

-The reference to the artist Christo

Wednesday, May 5

Swestie's Take on Exercise

"The best thing about a good workout is washing it off afterward."
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