Tuesday, January 26

Book Review: Tatiana and Alexander

*Spoiler Alert for The Bronze Horseman*
Last week, I reviewed The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. I shared with you how much I loved it. However, I didn't share with you that the ending was beYOND sad... it was so heart-breakingly, dramatically heart-rending that fifty pages before I finished reading it, I nearly put it down (with sobs, mind you) because I didn't know if I could withstand the ending (of this fiction novel... what can I say... I'm a sap...). But I finished it, cried a few more buckets and mourned the loss of the characters the way I always do when I finish a really engaging book.

So I went online to look for other books by Simons, and guess what I found out... The Bronze Horseman is only one book in a TRILOGY! There are two more books about Tatiana and Alexander to read!


I immediately purchased a used copy of the second book, Tatiana and Alexander. At $20 plus shipping, I felt this was a bit high... but it turns out this book is a little bit hard to find... not in libraries, etc. Perhaps it was published in the UK. The third book in the series, The Summer Garden, couldn't be had for less than $70 when I looked, but a friend was able to find a less expensive copy. I've already read the second book (in a record three days... haven't read this fast since I read Breaking Dawn...) and will be starting on the third this weekend. (Can't wait!)

Anyway, Tatiana and Alexander did not disappoint... me at least. This book weaves together the stories of the two main characters in two veins: their lives 1) before they met and 2) after they parted at the end of The Bronze Horseman. It is FILLED with war and gulags and post WWII New York and daring European rescue attempts, tempered with (steamy) memories of the characters' time together along with creation of a few more. I will not spoil for you how this one ends... you'll have to read it yourself.

For the Mixology 2010 Challenge, this book will count as as a book about another culture. So, one down... fourteen to go!

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