Saturday, February 20

Enything, enytime...

Friends, this was too sweet not to share. I found this drawing that my daughter made, and I asked her if I could post it. She agreed.

She is a freckle-faced, curly girl who has been known to struggle with shyness... I love how she pumps herself up here with this drawing. She's using her creative powers of visualization to create a desirable reality for herself. We all need to do that every now and again.

So when you're feeling anything less than wonderful, just remember, "You can do enything, enytime."

Out of the mouths of babes...

In case it is too small for you to read, her writing (spelling errors and all) says:
"I say just be yourself at school
don't be someone different
because you will always find a friend
that is what happend to me
and don't be shy
just speake
remember you can do enything enytime

Monday, February 15

Book Review: The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons

Okay. I told you about The Bronze Horseman. I told you about Tatiana and Alexander. Now I will tell you about the third and final book in the trilogy, The Summer Garden.

I read one review about this book that said something like, "this book goes on too long and should really only be read by hard core fans of the series that absolutely must know what happened to their favorite star-crossed lovers." And while I enjoyed the book, I agree with whoever it was that said that. I loved the characters, and that's what kept me reading. The story, however, just went on like a Russian winter. Touching all of the major crossroads that most married couples come to, and many that they don't, I feel that there were several places the book could've ended logically. Instead, we're led to a cheesy portrait of two old people sitting on a bench together, one eating icecream, just like when the story first began over 1500 pages ago. That felt contrived and silly. It did delve more into the past of our heroine, which I liked and felt like was some of the best part of the story of all three books.

But hear me when I say that I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I was sad when I finished. I miss Tatiana and Alexander... and if anything else, this portrait of Tatiana as Superwoman, Superwife and Supermom, while unrealistic, helps me strive to be better at all of the jobs I do.

Because they were in the US in this book, it can't qualify as a book about foreign culture. So this will only count to increase my total number of books read for the Mixologoy 2010 Challenge. Three down, twelve to go. (Can't believe I've already read so much so early in the new year...)

Friday, February 12

You Say It's Your Birthday?

This is what we do in my house on snow days... Happy birthday, Angel!

Wednesday, February 10

Um, thanks?

When certain people compliment your clothing, it can make you feel like your "Do" was really a "Don't"!

Monday, February 8

Saturday, February 6

Book Review: French Milk by Lucy Knisley

This past Christmas, my wonderful hubby gave me for Christmas several books that were on my Amazon Wish List. One of those, French Milk by Lucy Knisley, had been on my list for a while.

French Milk is part travel journal, part sketchbook, part "Dear Diary." Now, I admit, these travel memoirs are a favorite genre of mine. You've got your soul-bearing expose, your cultural commentary, or should I culture clash comedy. It just so happens that many of these books are about France, as this one obviously is too... (hmmm... maybe that's my "fascination" with French culture... perhaps books about France are all that are commercially available... H.K., time to write A Year in the Sheisse... =) )

Knisley details a month-long trip she took with her mother to Paris just before she graduated from college. In my opinion, the story line is a bit too insipidly-generic-college-graduation-angst-y. But the drawings that comprise the bulk of the heft and beauty of this book are delightful. As it is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words," and I believe this goes for drawings as well. When Knisley sat down in a spot and drew what was around her, you're seeing everything that was important her. It's like a glimpse right into her heart, and that is cool.

So, if you love to travel, and you love Paris, and you love graphic books, this book will be interesting to you. But if whiney college-aged kids grate on your nerves, you'd better pass this one up.

For the Mixology 2010 Challenge, this will count as a book about another culture. This means, that I've already wiped that (not very challenging) category! Hey, I take what I can get. Progress is progress. Two down thirteen to go.

P.S. If you're interested, you can click here to see some sketches I did way back when when I did some traveling "last century."

Monday, February 1

Over the Top

I've been plugging away on the little olde blog for nearly two years now, for better or worse. And I finally found out... someone likes me!

She is Elisabeth Wang of Babbette's Book Blog, a life-long friend-like-family I've only recently reconnected with. At Babbette's Book Blog, you can find thoughtful reviews of all sorts of books, and it looks great too. I feel honored and grateful, and I hope you'll check out her site. Thanks Beth!

In order to receive this award, I must answer the following questions with one word answers and then pass the award on to 5 other bloggers whom I believe are also "Over the Top!" (They will then repeat.) Here goes:

Your Cell Phone? cracked
Your Hair? long
Your Mother? sweet
Your Father? strong
Your Favorite Food? cheese
Your Dream Last Night? unremarkable
Your Favorite Drink? wine
Your Dream/Goal? freedom
What Room Are You In? living room
Your Hobby? creativity
Your Fear? collapse
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? teenagers
Where Were You Last Night? friend's
Something That You Aren't? unopen
Muffins? meh
Wish List Item? inheritance
Where Did You Grow Up? Augusta
Last Thing You Did? dinner
What Are You Wearing? jammies
Your TV? off
Your Pets? conflicted
Friends? close
Your Life? full
Your Mood? calm
Missing Someone? no
Vehicle? convertible
Something You Aren't Wearing? bra
Your Favorite Store? Anthropologie
Your Favorite Color? pink
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? work
Last Time You Cried? ?
Your Best Friend? hubs
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Starbucks
Facebook? constantly
Favorite Place To Eat? CanCan

So now, I pass along the honor!

First, there's my great friend at Mommy Gourmet/My Original Recipes. We're friends in real life, as well as in the blog-o-sphere. Vanessa is always whipping up delicious treats that make me truly glad I get to actually taste some of them in person.

Next is lsaspacey over at Shelter & As I Said. A friend of a friend, we have gotten to know each other a through blogging, and it's nice to know someone else in the world makes all of the kooky connections with homes that I do.

Next is Missy K at Daily Portion. Missy's thoughtful, quiet words, along with her beautiful photographs are like a needed quiet retreat in the midst of a noisy, chaotic day.

Then there is JenniferBB at Cookin' in the 'Cuse. Hip, urban, tasty, pretty... what more could a girl ask for in a blog?

These are my top favorites, so I'm just gonna leave it a four. Thanks girls, for being "Over the Top!"

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