Monday, November 30


I don't know if it is because of the time I spent in Europe (mostly in Germany), or if I've simply fallen prey to America's modish marketing of all delicate things al a Francais, but I just love most things that smack of being even the tiniest bit Frenchie.

Doesn't almost every American woman long to have that je ne sais quoi, even if we're not quite sure what it even is?

Well, I saw this ad on television on Thanksgiving day. I first heard the song and immediately loved it and looked up the singer to find out it is no other than the original French icon of sexiness, panache and altruism all rolled into one - Brigitte Bardot. Va va voom!

On first viewing of this TV spot advertising a new French perfume, Miss Dior Cherie, I though it energetic and soft and beautiful and wonderful. It seemed to sum up all things "French" and mash them up into one candid, magical breath-taking minute of "How to Be Beautiful and French."

However, when I watched this commercial, directed by Sofia Coppola, again, I realized that I thought those things because I was led to them directly... literally. This commercial is like a condescending primer of "all things French," including:
  • fancy French pastries - including tasty macaron
  • beautiful, sun-spotted views of traditional Paris... the River Seine, the lovely and nearly ancient bridges, opulent fountains
  • quaint views of things that make the girl seem carefree and so different than the modern American woman: bicycle riding in a dress... peony sniffing... dog walking... convertible riding on a fuzzy blue day...
  • Vogue magazine and beautiful clothing
  • the Brigitte Bardot-esque hairstyle
  • of course some obligatory shots of the Dior house in Paris
and, the piece de resistance
Obvious and leading as it it, I love this silly advertisement anyway, and I wish I could be the girl in it! I'm a sucker for things marketed just to me and will likely go out and sniff the perfume today!

Sunday, November 29

Friday, November 27

Let the shopping begin!

Click on this ad to see the full version... I still can't figure out how to embed my You Tube vids properly! And by they way... any Gap gifts you want to send to me are most welcome and appreciated! (=

Monday, November 23

How Twilight Should've Ended...

What does Swestie love even more than The Twilight Saga? Making fun of it. Enjoy this video.

So, so funny.

Saturday, November 21

You know you're shopping on the wrong side of town when...

The baby formula is kept behind lock and key. Yikes!

Swestie Isn't Afraid to Act Like a Teenager... Sometimes

This post is entitled Swestie Isn't Afraid to Act Like a Teenager... or Swestie's Reaction of the Long-awaited Movie - New Moon

With my love of The Twilight Saga being widely known by anyone who has read my blog for longer than a week, I couldn't resist letting you know how I felt about the elephant in the living room... so here goes.

I'm not going to write a blow-by-blow review, because I read a great one here that I agree with whole-heartedly... (this is a great reference site for those needing a little reference of vampire/werewolf lore a la Stephanie Meyer.) I will tell you a little bit about my experience though...

I will tell you ten things I loved:
  1. Being in the theater with a packed house... even if little-girl screams pierced my ears every time any male vampire or werewolf walked across the screen.
  2. Seeing Edward smile and act normal for the first five minutes of the movie... the movies paint him as such a dark entity, when I think he's a much lighter, as in happy, good, fulfilled... in the book.
  3. I have been listening to the sondtrack, which I enjoy (although I did like the Twilight soundtrack better...), but I had totally placed many of the songs at different places in my head than where they actually were... nice surprises.
  4. This movie did not disappoint me as a fan of the books. There were slight differences, but for the most part, Director Chris Weitz did a much better job of sticking to the book than Catherine Hardwicke did for Twilight.
  5. Um, Taylor Lautner might only be seventeen years old, but he does not disappoint. What a cutie... seems sweet in real life... and has handled the pressure of super-stardom with poise that R.Patz & Kristen Stewart could learn from.
  6. The development of the character of Alice! My husband loves Alice, and what's not to love? So nice to get to know her a little on screen. I especially love her voice.
  7. Mike Newton and Charlie nearly steal the show. Too funny.
  8. The whole Volturi bit... set... cast... fighting... love it all... especially when Edward flips Bella around and behind him to protect her... but BOY his head must hurt when it's all over...
  9. The reunion between Edward and Bella... see me melt into a puddle.
  10. Now that New Moon over, I've got Eclipse to look forward to!

Thursday, November 19

A Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Dream Closet

Although not quite as grand as the closet Carrie never got to use, this shoe closet I spotted on Ikea Hacker was too cool not to share!

Friends, this is NOT my closet... but a girl can dream... the best part is that it is already filled with rows of boots and heels in every style and color!

Friday, November 13

Good Morning Starshine! The Earth Says Hello!

Good morning, Starshine! The Earthy says hello!

There is sun on the horizon!

After DAYS of rain here, looks like it might just clear up! And THAT
is news worth sharing!

Wednesday, November 11

Gratitude and batteries...

Gratitude is like a rechargeable battery... it corrodes without use!

Monday, November 9

Swestie's Hopeless Addiction

Maybe one day, I'll actually fill these books in with writing and drawing!

Sunday, November 1

These People Have Waaaayyy More Time on Their Hands than I Do

The folks over at Twilight Lexicon had a "little" Twilight-themed pumpkin carving contest... I'm just going to say that these squash artists have waayyy more time on their hands than I do.
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