Tuesday, January 19

Mixology Challenge

Last week, I told you about Babbette's Book Blog and about her Mixology 2010 Challenge. Well, in the spirit of participation, I've made my choices.

In 2010, it is my goal to read 15 books. I know, this is not a lofty challenge... but at least it's a goal.

The categories and numbers I would like to read are:
  • classics - 2
  • non-fiction - 3
  • books about other cultures, fiction or non-fiction - 2
  • book club choices (this is like a random field because we don't limit our selections to any certain category or genre) - 12
Now, I realize if I meet these goals, it will give me more than fifteen books. But I already know some of the ones I plan to read cross categories, so I'm going to stick with the plan.

In addition, I am adding my own component of the challenge which is to give you a short review of each of the books I've read. I've already read two this year (I was on a trip...) and I'll start getting those reviews together soon.

If you are taking the Mixology Challenge with me, post a comment and let me know!


Elisabeth said...

I'll be glad to link your posts to my blog!

Swestie said...

Thanks, Beth! Perhaps I can become a prolific reader like you one day. (=

Anonymous said...

I think I need to take the challenge too. That is exactly how I get myself to do stuff. Im working at a great book store and Im probably the least read.

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