Saturday, November 21

Swestie Isn't Afraid to Act Like a Teenager... Sometimes

This post is entitled Swestie Isn't Afraid to Act Like a Teenager... or Swestie's Reaction of the Long-awaited Movie - New Moon

With my love of The Twilight Saga being widely known by anyone who has read my blog for longer than a week, I couldn't resist letting you know how I felt about the elephant in the living room... so here goes.

I'm not going to write a blow-by-blow review, because I read a great one here that I agree with whole-heartedly... (this is a great reference site for those needing a little reference of vampire/werewolf lore a la Stephanie Meyer.) I will tell you a little bit about my experience though...

I will tell you ten things I loved:
  1. Being in the theater with a packed house... even if little-girl screams pierced my ears every time any male vampire or werewolf walked across the screen.
  2. Seeing Edward smile and act normal for the first five minutes of the movie... the movies paint him as such a dark entity, when I think he's a much lighter, as in happy, good, fulfilled... in the book.
  3. I have been listening to the sondtrack, which I enjoy (although I did like the Twilight soundtrack better...), but I had totally placed many of the songs at different places in my head than where they actually were... nice surprises.
  4. This movie did not disappoint me as a fan of the books. There were slight differences, but for the most part, Director Chris Weitz did a much better job of sticking to the book than Catherine Hardwicke did for Twilight.
  5. Um, Taylor Lautner might only be seventeen years old, but he does not disappoint. What a cutie... seems sweet in real life... and has handled the pressure of super-stardom with poise that R.Patz & Kristen Stewart could learn from.
  6. The development of the character of Alice! My husband loves Alice, and what's not to love? So nice to get to know her a little on screen. I especially love her voice.
  7. Mike Newton and Charlie nearly steal the show. Too funny.
  8. The whole Volturi bit... set... cast... fighting... love it all... especially when Edward flips Bella around and behind him to protect her... but BOY his head must hurt when it's all over...
  9. The reunion between Edward and Bella... see me melt into a puddle.
  10. Now that New Moon over, I've got Eclipse to look forward to!

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