Monday, September 14

Let the good things rain down!

So, like I was saying, the last six weeks have proved challenging for me. Within my life or the lives of immediate family there have been:
  • home vandalism
  • major health crises (2 - we're talking transplant lists)
  • minor health crises
  • schedule overload
  • property theft
  • marital strife (not mine - whew!)
  • $3000 auto repair

Not that I've never experienced issue overload or stressful times before, but really.

So I began my day today, Monday, running late. Then, just as I went to enter the parking garage below my office building, I discovered that the key card I use to enter and exit was missing. Immediately, my head started spinning, my heartrate increased... Internal dialogue: when does it end? How much negative energy is coming my way? What else am I going to be asked to withstand? How strong does one person have to be?

I went up to my desk. I sat. I thought. Then I decided.

I'm done. I'm done with this. I'm done letting the tail wag the dog. From this moment forward, I will not waste my time allowing the previous six weeks define the next six. I will turn this around and allow the good things back in my life, giving them prominent status and star treatment. I will be open to the goodness of the world and let it rain down, washing over me again and again.

And then I checked in the car one more time, and I found my parking pass.

Today I will let the good things rain down on me.


Missy K said...

Sallie-- I hope all those good things rain down on you soon-- they're always there, just hard to see when life piles up on one like it has on you!

Swestie said...

Thanks, Missy! They already are!

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