Monday, April 6

People Are Strange: The Selby

Perusing one of the most delightful blogs on my blogroll (Paris Breakfasts... you really should check it out... effortless watercolors and enough talk of Paris to leave you able to parler fran├žais... but I digress...) I discovered artist Todd Selby.

Todd Selby is a highly sought-after New York photographer, effortlessly juggling the fashion, advertising, and art worlds, as well as the blogosphere. The photographs I'm most interested in of his are his portraits of people in their personal environments - sometimes their homes or sometimes their offices. While the images of the people he photographs tell plenty and are full of life, it's their inclusion of their environments that captivates my inner voyeur. (Here's an interesting article about him...)

What began as a personal project, his portraits of pseudo-famous people (people known for being fabulously wonderful in their worldly professional venues, but not as instantly recognizable to Joe the plumber as say, Brad Pitt or Barack Obama), have taken on a life of their own on his blog The Selby – Photos in Your Space.

The blog features thorough portraits of creative types: stylists, architects, pastry chefs, etc. Each portrait includes a photo of the subject in their personal environment, and several shots of the brick-a-brack that makes one's house instantly a home... the highly personal items that really divulge the inner-Mensch... the things that make you feel better when nothing else does.

Each portrait also includes a charming, even if childishly rendered, watercolor sketch of the subject and short interview which is hand-written in what looks like paint. The entire effect shows a lot about them, and a lot about him.

So go on over. Check it out… let me know what you think!

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