Monday, April 6

I'm Walking on Sunshine: Top Ten Things I'm Loving Today

10) Pink dogwood trees, blooming on a street corner near you.

9) Dark flesh toned nail polishes... perfect for a dash of refinement without the hassle of fading color. Just touch up and go!

8) Espadrilles, in all shapes and colors. I didn't realize I had such a fetish for these classic shoes until I was pulling the spring things forward in my closet... I have about five pair, plus several others derrived from the classic French style (Read more abut the long history of the shoe here.)

7) Denim jackets are perfect for this weather that is freezing in the morning and nearly pleasant in the afternoon. My current favorite is one that is styled like a slightly trench coat: fitted, about mid-thigh lenghth with a belt and biggish collars... just be careful about mixing your denims!

6) Long, deep conversations by a warm and snapping fire in the cool of an early spring evening... throw in a few cosmos and we can just call it Heaven.

5) Ecstatic flowers blooming everywhere!

4) Augusta, Georgia, as it gears up for The Masters! Will Tiger pull off another win? Or will someone else break through?

3) Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes... boys with fresh haircuts, and long full eyelashes... okay... not so much the eyelashes, but, we're talking Easter clothes here people! Get out your Easter bonnets!

2) Stinky, er, I mean pungent cheeses and fresh loaves of bread to go with #6. Most recently infatuated with Humboldt Fog and nice generic white goat cheeses.

1) Walking barefoot in the grass (or at least the anticipation of it...)!

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