Friday, May 7

Nick Drake+Christo=AT&T

What I love:
-The music: Nick Drake... also of VW Cabrio spot fame

-The way the fabric just rolls and rolls and the light reflects on it

-The clever take on coverage

-The reference to the artist Christo


lsaspacey said...

I know, I loved this one too! Wouldn't it be great if those projects were real, especially the St. Louis Arch one?

Anonymous said...

Isaapacey-- those projects were real! Look up the work of artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. AT&T's commercial is a devestating theft of their vision!

Swestie said...
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Anonymous said...

After they go running towards the water there is a little tagline, at the bottom, that does say something about Christo and Jeanne-Claude. It goes by too fast for me to make it out, except their names. My first thought when I saw it was that they ripped off Christo & Jeanne-Claude. I hope they (he) got paid for it. Maybe it will help fund the river project.

Swestie said...
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Anonymous said...

"Yes, but isn't it commonly said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?"

Imitation isn't flattery to artists who dedicated a lifetime to creating a unique vision that expresses their personal worldview. Unfortunately, Christo and Jeanne-Claude couldn't copyright fabric -- and they probably didn't think they needed to protect an idea that is so intrinsically tied to them from cannibalism by people who would call themselves designers.

Jeanne-Claude has always been the public voice of the two. Sadly, she died just before that AT&T ad aired, because I can guarantee you it would NOT have aired had she been alive. She was a demon at protecting Christo's vision, to the point that he thought her contribution as the person who administrated their massive public works was so intrinsic to his work he added her name to them.

When asked once what her favorite of their many projects was, she always replied “the next one.”

There could, therefore, be no LESS fitting tribute to her contribution to American art than this gross rip-off. It makes John McCain's use of Jackson Browne's music without his permission pale in comparison -- and Browne won a million dollars for that abuse since music IS legally protected.

Christo must be devastated by the loss of Jeanne-Claude and this insult is a slap in his face at a most inopportune time.

Advertising agencies need to get their own ideas.

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