Wednesday, December 23

From me to you...

Going back in memory, Christmas was such a magical season for me as a child because of the promise of Santa's magical journey from the North Pole... new toys... family members laughing all around... going to church... being in a Christmas pageant... there was such a flurry of colorful and special activity... such a crescendo. With a child's limitless energy, I let this joy rain all over me, soak into my skin and fuel my light for the year to come.

However, early into this year's holiday season, I felt a little down and out. I wasn't feeling so much into the spirit. I was desiring to feel the magical childhood exhilaration... instead I was feeling the blah blah blah blues. As a Christian, I personally celebrate the birth of Christ not just on December the 25, but every day of every year. I celebrate by sharing kindness, loving strangers, reaching out to people who need me, whether I know them or not. In my opinion, THIS is the true celebration of the birth of Jesus, and it can't - MUSTN'T be confined to just one day a year. That's just the life I live... but it doesn't do much to brighten the holidays!

So this year, I made the magic. I looked to the light in my children's eyes as they experience the same things I did as a child. And as I opened my heart to let in some of their joy and light, magically my holiday lights turned on as well.

Please enjoy this little video of what has made my holidays... and all of 2009... special.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Love and peace to you in 2010!

Love, Swestie

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