Tuesday, December 15

The 12 Days of Fitness from Les Mills

Here's a holiday wish from the Les Mills team in New Zealand! And don't forget it's summer there...

To the best of my knowledge, it is:

1st day: a Pump bar in a potted (?) tree.
2nd day: 2 tricep dips
3rd day: 3 sweaty men
4th day: 4 downward dogs
5th day: 5 drunk PDs (program directors)
6th day: 6 sweaty singlets
7th day: 7 gloves a boxing
8th day: 8 programs milking it
9th day: balls a dangling
10th day: 10 supermans
11th day: 11 tunes (?) a strumming
12th day: 12 wheels a spinning


Caroline Les Mills said...

Hey there! I'm Caroline, brand manager at Les Mills International, I watch the blogs come in. I knew that first line was going to trick our international Tribe! It's a "PUMP bar in a ponga tree" - a New Zealand tree-fern. The nutters.

Swestie said...

Wow! I'm glad you read it! I had no clue about the ponga tree. If I were less crazy busy, I would've googled things that sounded that way... and I'm correcting the New Zealand bit... So so funny. Have a great Wednesday... or Thursday... Merry Christmas too!

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