Friday, September 18

What's Beautiful: The Fan in Richmond, Virginia

No long explanation of urban life today... just some nice photos of a beautiful old Richmond neighborhood called The Fan, and Ten Things I Love about this place. When I grow up, I want to live here!

It appears to me that part of the video screen is chopped off of the right side. If you want to see the full screen, DOUBLE CLICK ON THE VIDEO SCREEN and it will take you to a page that doesn't chop off the side... if you have any ideas on how to fix this, will you e-mail me please?

10 Things I love about the fan are:

  1. Crumbly brick and stone sidewalks
  2. Stone masonry and detailing on many of the homes
  3. Dappled sunlight making its way through the trees
  4. Signs of life from a different time, mingled with the thoroughly modern
  5. The stately old buildings, all in such close proximity to one another, which encourage a built-in sense of community
  6. The delicious corner cafes and quirky little stores that have served the neighborhoods for years; I just show Kuba Kuba, but there are really so many
  7. The walkability; The Fan is so conveniently situated that you can walk to take care of much of your business; it scores 86% out of 100 on the Walk Score web site
  8. Its diversity... families... students... singles... couples... all ethnicities... rich... poor... in The Fan, you've got it all
  9. While maintaining a general character, each home in The Fan is unique; this is very different from today's "planned communities" with three different house plans circled around a "pond" with a "fountain" and too many poopy geese that probably belong in Canada anyway.
  10. The little gardens; really a postage stamp of a yard is all I really need.

Richmonders, do you have a favorite house in The Fan? Let me know!

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

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