Tuesday, September 8

Julie and Julia

First and foremost: I dedicate this post to my Fabulous Friend and Food Blogger: Vanessa! (Whom I haven't seen in weeks, but really need to do so! Will call her tomorrow, if not sooner!)

Won't waste my time giving you a review of Julie and Julia. But I WILL tell you what I loved:
  • seeing Paris in all of its beauteous glory! (THERE's an old-fashioned adjective for ya!)
  • the emphasis placed on the craft of cooking (I DO love some careful measuring...)
  • the fact that this movie DIDN'T take place in Manhattan (although I do LOVE Manhattan)
  • the emphasis placed on FOOD! (I know it's not polite, but YUM! Mastering the Art of French Cooking is now on my Christmas list... along with a La Creuset cast iron pot...)
  • Meryl Streep. Stanley Tucci. I need NOT say more... but I will... completely believable... chemistry... Oh yeah... I think Stanley is a Hottie...
  • Self-discovery process of Julie... (life is not about my work...)
  • what else... oh yeah... this movie is about blogging!
When I went to see this movie with my girls tonight, I had no CLUE that it was about a Blogger turned author before I got to the theater.

Now, every Blogger DREAMS of this, including me... I'm not gonna lie...

I must admit that I've struggled with the blogging/commenting process.

I've run red lights dreaming about about how to create posts that would attract readers who would actually leave comments. I've missed meals (surprising, yes... I know) trying to figure out how to get more hits... but in the end, blogging for the sake the blogging is for me.

I've quit checking my sitemeter (okay... I just check it occasionally[1X/3 months]...), and I post when I want to post. I write what I want to write, and I do it for ME. Right now, THIS IS IT. I am sharing the extent of my creativity, thoughts, insecurities and dreams with YOU. I don't hope for fame, money or book deals (good thing!), and I will not be a slave to my blog.

However, in the end, I hope you feel that this is time well-spent... time that makes you feel a little better, and a little happier (most days)... and (mostly) a little more comfortable being you...


azaleafaye said...

I have to see this movie and I so relate with you on your blogging journey, however I'm still in that phase where I might miss a meal figuring out how to get comments and more traffic....yes I dare say I even have big dreams! At the very least it keeps me entertained <3

Swestie said...

Entertainment is good! Thanks, Azalea Faye!

Mommy Gourmet said...

why thank you Sal! I will throw a link right back at you, if and when I ever get a post up...sigh...

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