Wednesday, September 30

Cool Gadget: Timex iPod Remote Control

Since June, I've been practicing away at perfecting my Body Step choreography and technique, anticipating the class I would have to video and submit for assessment. In August, I started teaching, and completed and mailed off my video. That was a big relief!
I would love to report that teaching Body Step is the most fun I've ever had a the gym. However, that would be a lie. What I will tell you is that verbally cueing and physically executing a Body Step class takes me to a place cardiovascularly that I have never been. It is difficult to talk, much less smile and act encouraging. But I'm doing it... at least I'm trying. Mentally, I have never had something take up so much space in my head at one time. I am always one step ahead of what we are doing, thinking of how to cue this effectively on top of just trying to breathe! Anyway, I'm doing my best at all of that too. I'm nowhere near perfect yet, but I get better with each class that I teach.

This brings me to a cool new gadget discovery. You see, between a few tracks of a Body Step class, the instructor must stop the music and readjust equipment. In the gym where I teach, the stereo is about 20 feet from where the instructor stands, and this makes for some uncomfortably quick starts at the beginnings of tracks. But now, with my fancy new Timex Ironman Watch with an iPod remote control, I can stand in place, on my mark, ready to go on the first count!

Not only is this a great gadget for Group Exercise instructors, but for any exerciser who, for whatever reason (too sweaty... too bright... too complex) doesn't want to mess with the clickwheel or touch screen of their iPods. Happy listening!

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