Monday, August 31

One Hundred Pushups: Take the Plunge

Each year when the beginning of the school year rolls around again, I like to re-evaluate my lifestyle, hoping to find ways jolt myself out of the humidity-induced lethargy. Well, this year, I've found the perfect way.

One Hundred Pushups is a simple program, based on your personal fitness level, that gets you on the road to doing 100 pushups, in a row, with good form. The program outline is for six weeks. It might take the average person a few weeks longer, in which case you simply repeat the last week of the program until you get there.

When you finish, aside from the fact that you'll be much stronger, toned and fit, you can have a nifty badge for your blog saying that you did it!

I'm game! Are you? I'll do the initial test today, inform you of my standing, and keep you updated on my progress.
If you're going to do it too, send me an e-mail and let me know, and keep me updated on your progress too!

Happy pushing up!


Callie said...

oh I am so game! bare wedding arms need some toning... gah!

Swestie said...

Yea Callie-berry! So happy you are up for the challenge! I'll message you on FB...

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