Wednesday, July 8

What to expect...

Enjoy this funny from Real Simple magazine. I can't make it any bigger, but it says,

What to Expect: The 39th Year
Written by Sarah Schmelling

Someone has a lot going on these days! Your 38-year-old is always on the go, exploring her world and trying out words like ergonomic, Twitter and spa day. But even if she's often brimming with confidence, you can still help her to build on her skills and expand her dynamic personality.

What Your 38-Year-Old May Be Doing
By this year, your 38-year-old should be able to:
-Color-coordinate her own clothing.
-Plan a weekend getaway.
-Change a diaper in under two minutes
...Will probably be able to:
-Host a last-minute dinner party.
-Operate a food processor.
-Start insightful discussions on both federal spending and Japanese fashion.
...May even be able to:
-Write a best-selling novel, work full-time, and run a charity organization.

What You May Be Wondering About
Manic Milestones - "My 38-year-old has started talking about the big 4-0. She wavers between saying, "Forty is the new 30,' and pretending she's too young to remember Duran Duran. What should I do?"
Make small changes to ease her through the transition. Arrange to have her carded at her favorite restaurant. Or slip the cute young waiter an extra tip to hit on her for the evening. Just so long as he avoids comparing her to his mother.


Missy K said...


lsaspacey said...

Do they have anything for 40 and 41-year olds?

Mommy Gourmet said...

That is too much. Since I have a couple of years feel better there are a few I can't do!!

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