Tuesday, July 28

Fun and Photos in VA

Just a quick post between vacations (lucky me... lush and spongy mountains one week, hot, sandy beaches the next!) to let you know that I am still alive and well! I spent last week in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of the western part of Virginia. My family and I were staying at Shrine Mont, the mountain camp of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia located in Orkney Springs, Virginia. Orkney Springs is an itty-bitty "township" at the end of a steep and windy road that is happily dotted with lavender and white wildeflowers. Because of all of the youthful campers, there is almost always song, literally, echoing off the mountains, just like in The Sound of Music.

Hearing that joyful music from afar, and knowing the youth and joy and love in the voices that was behind it, counts as one of the most extraordinarily uplifting, inspirational sounds I've ever heard. Wish you could experience it. Goose bumps... I'm telling you.

I took so many pictures that I don't even know where to start! It'll take a while to compile things into a format that is (pleasantly) viewable for you... so to tide you over, I'll share a little bit about my journey with you.

We were at Shrine Mont for a whole week. When we left there, instead of going straight home, my kids and I headed to Lake Anna. This lead us down, potentially, the most beautiful rode I've ever driven (VA HWY 522)... mountains looming before and behind you... the road ascending and descending with curvature almost alpine in nature... along the way, we stopped for lunch in the chic-ly quaint Culpepper, Virginia. Here is what we saw!


jenniedub said...

Awww...cute pic! You know you will have to show that at her rehearsal dinner one day! :)

Swestie said...

Thanks, Jenn! How's your dad doing?

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