Tuesday, June 23

Is it worth it?

You know, I'm an optomistic sort of gal, and I don't like to dwell on the negative.

But really.

Is any of it, any of it - the money, the fame, the tummy tucks, the giant house - worth it if you have to have angry-looking photographs of yourself, like the ones above, plastered on every gossip site, news stand and television show across the whole of our United States? Greed will only get you so far... sending out good vibes though for the kids on Jon and Kate Plus Eight. We can only hope that their parents figure out things for themselves soon.

Reality television really is the spawn of, well, the scummy, murky monsters that lurk at the bottoms of stagnant green ponds. Personally, I think reality is hard enough without having to to live it out on television in front of foaming-at-the-mouth cable audiences, the internet surfers, hair-brained paparazzi and everyone else in the whole wide world!

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Missy K said...

I'm thinking, not worth it. I find it alarming that apparently the show, after a brief break, will continue.

We don't have cable and I've never seen an episode, so I am amazed at how aware I still am of their story. Hard to miss it.

I do think "reality tv" (such an odd name, really), brings out the very worst in us, the voyeuristic impulse that lets us forget that everything isn't a commodity for consumption.

Great post! And thanks for your kind visit at Daily Portion.

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