Monday, June 1

Funny Blog: I Can Has Cheezburger

Do you know what the doldrums are?

doldrums |ˈdōldrəmz; ˈdäl-; ˈdôl-|plural noun ( the doldrums)low spirits; a feeling of boredom or depression color catalogs will rid you of February doldrums.
• a period of inactivity or a state of stagnation the mortgage market has been in the doldrums for three years.
• an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms, sudden storms, and light unpredictable winds.ORIGIN late 18th cent.(as doldrum [dull, sluggish person] ): perhaps fromdull , on the pattern of tantrums. (from my Apple computer dictionary)

Well, where they're a place to be or a state of mind, I've been there this week. But the silly folks with their lolcats over at crack me up every single time.

And the best part is that they update frequently - as in multiple times a day. So you can keep taking them... like regular doses of medicine they are...

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Callie said...

you know my mom had to fast lolcats for Lent, right?
I really enjoy reading them out loud in my "lolcat voice". Oh yes, my poor future children are going to have to put up with a lot of craziness...!

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