Thursday, March 12

Magical Mystery Tour

Welcome back to Swestie! After much pondering, picking apart, padding, papering and procesing, I'm back at it! I originally took a break from Things that Inspire because I was having trouble with the format I was using (it was crashing people's computers!), and then I enjoyed the break so much, I just kept taking it! But every now and then, I've done something that I really wanted to share with you, my friendly readers, so here I am.

Now, if you know me personally, you'll know that it is just my style to suddenly scrap everything and start over completely, and I'm doin that today. So my former blog that I could never quite figure out what it was about is becoming a still indiscernably topic-ed blog with an even wider array of subjects, including health and wellness, exercise, art, living large, music, books, other blogs, and well, anything else cool that inspires me!

So come with me on this Magical Mystery Tour, Step Right Up! Add me to your RSS Feed and start coming back on over to Swestie!


Mommy Gourmet said...

Thank god you are back!

Swestie said...

Thanks, Vanessa!

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